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Visiting Bucharest
Once known as the "Little Paris”, Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, and glorious Belle Époque buildings. There is even an Arc de Triomphe on a boulevard longer than the Champs Elysees, with a range of trees that flower beautifully in the spring. You will be intrigued by the city's eclectic mixture of architecture, from old monasteries to Orthodox Churches, Second Empire mansions, the solid Stalinist architecture of the communist years and the colossal Parliament House, the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon.

The Parliament Palace (Palatul Parlamentului) Bucharest
Beginning in 1972, Ceauşescu instituted a program of systematization. Promoted as a way to build a "multilaterally developed socialist society," the program of demolition, resettlement, and construction began in the countryside, but culminated with an attempt to completely remodel the country's capital. Over one fifth of central Bucharest, including churches and historic buildings, was demolished during Ceauşescu's rule in the 1980s, to rebuild the city in a socialist style. Many people died during the erection of The People's House ("Casa Poporului") in Bucharest, now the Parliament House, the world's second largest building after The Pentagon
Romanian Atheneum (Ateneul Roman) Bucharest
Founded in 1868, at the initiative of a group of musicians, in order to cultivate the taste of the public for symphonic music, the Romanian Philharmonic Society offered classical and romantic masterpiece concerts.A traveller who knows Bucharest only from the classic tourist brochures surely has one image engraved in his mind: the Romanian Atheneum, a symbol of the city as far back as its 1888 inauguration.
Art lovers certainly won’ t get the chance to get bored while in Bucharest. Here you will discover a wide variety of museums, starting with literature museums, art museums, history museums and finishing with popular art museums.
Among the most important museums we mention The national History Museum, where you can admire over 50000 valuable exposed pieces, expressing the evolution of the society on Romanian territory since the old ages and up to nowadays.
The Village Museum owns an impressive collection of rural households, representing the rural areas throughout the whole territory of Romania. Romanian Peasant’s Museum  where you will admire the beauty of Romanian popular art.
The National Art Museum owns over 70000 art works signed by famous Romanian and international artists like: N. Grigorescu, St. Luchian, Th. Pallady, N. Tonitza, C. Brancusi, Rembrandt, Rubens, Delacroix, Renoir and Monet.
The Grigore Antipa National History Museum owns the largest butterfly collection in Europe; visiting Romanian Literature Museum you will have the opportunity to admire very old and valuable manuscripts of our national literature.

The Village Museum (Muzeul Satului) Bucharest
The Village Museum, lying in a specific romanian setting, on the Herãstrãu lake shore in Bucharest, is one of the biggest and the oldest outdoors museum in Europe. Its exibits – genuine monuments including houses, pens, churches, water and wind mills, cloth mills, of great historic and artistic value - acquaint the visitors in two hours with the specific of the Romanian village.
National Art Museum (former Royal Palace) Bucharest
Romania's leading art museum was founded in 1948 to house the former Royal Collection along with those of various other museums in the country's capital. The aim of the museum is to provide a comprehensive view on Romanian art from the early Middle Ages to the present, in as broad an European context as possible

For the ones who love spending time out in the nature, Bucharest offers a large number of parks. The most important ones are: the Herastrau park, the Cismigiu park, the Izvor park, the Carol park and the Botanical Garden.
The quiet walks on the alleys of a park will take you away from the noise of the city. Also, if you enjoy roller-skating, you can practice it in one of the capital’s parks.
The Cismigiu Garden
The small Cismigiu Garden is where locals play chess and chat on benches. Visitors paddle in the lake in summer, and skate in winter. This central Bucharest oasis of green was created by 19th-century gardener Carl de Meyer.
If you want to do some shopping in Bucharest, the best places you can choose are the malls, Unirea Shopping Center and Plaza Romania. The best period for shopping is outside the season or round the most important holidays of the year, when you can benefit from great discounts

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